Margaret Thomlinson

Mosman Park, WA

I would like to mention here that your classes are "very user friendly".
I, for one, aged 71 years old have never been involved with pilates before, and can clearly see the health benefits.  You cater for all needs and abilities. Your "delivery" to the group is first-class. We could do with this continuing in the North Fremantle area to keep us on our feet !! Kind Regards from Margaret Tomlinson

Kristina Hamilton

Fremantle, WA

The ambiance created by your choice of beautiful soft music, coupled with your calm and clear instructions, make a most enjoyable atmosphere.  I appreciate your encouragement for each of us to become more aware of our muscle strengths and weaknesses, so that we only do as much as we can on the more challenging exercises.  Now I am much more conscious of my everyday movements and posture, and always feel more fit after your lessons. With Thanks, Kristina Hamilton

Susan N

Fremantle, WA

Thank you so much Christiane. It will be near impossible to find someone with your knowledge in Brisbane! We have been blessed to have you in Fremantle. Thank you for contributing so much information and support above and beyond the already excellent Pilates class. Susan xx 

Pauline Faulds

Wembey, WA

Your teaching is very good can’t thank you enough, as it is helping my body to be stronger.


Applecross, WA

Very Professional! I’ am tapping into your incredible knowledge of the body and movement. It’s changing my attitude to exercise. Love, Mary   

Barb O'Dowd

Beaconsfield, WA

I really enjoy your classes, I have been doing yoga, aerobics/gym and Pilates for many years and your class is the best I have ever attended. You do a really good job working with the mixed ability in our classes and it is great to see such a diverse group participating. 

As a keen golfer I find the exercises very beneficial for golf. It is very centering and keeps the mind and body focused on all movements. The leg, hip and shoulder stretches are especially useful and seemingly simple balancing exercises show me areas of weakness that require more work.

Your classes have also made me mindful of using the techniques in everyday activities such as standing in a queue or washing the dishes to stay with the core and centre. Great stuff, thank you. Kindest regards, Barb

Margaret Besomo

Swanbourne, WA

Christiane’s Pilates is a relaxing class at the end of a stressful school day. It works the body without ever realising it. Enjoy the time out for yourself. The quiet meditation at the end of class the class is bliss. Marg B

Deb Silvester

Trigg, WA

Floated out of Christiane pilates class this morning held in the beautiful space of Sevenergy in South Fremantle. Christiane is knowledgeable and passionate about maintaining optimum health for the mind, body and soul and this shines through in her teachings. Great way to kick start the day! Deb Silvester

Sheryl Robinson

North Fremantle, WA

After losing my balance from concussion I am regaining my confidence again. Today a had an 'ah ha' moment when you explained how to strengthen my core from the stomach and how importance the eyes were. Actually I thank you for all your wisdom that has helped me to recover..cheers Sheryl

Diane McIntosh

Fremantle, WA

I love your classes Christiane. You teach very clearly, safely and the exercises were perfectly challenging. They helped me with my sciatic nerve pain and torn shoulder. Thank you so very much.  

Elizabeth Moir

Mt. Lawley, WA

Christiane creates a relaxed, comfortable and supportive environment for her class. Everyone is encouraged to work at their own pace. She has a thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology. I have been attending her fabulous classes, weekly, for years and always leave energised.

Barbara Cotton

Perth, WA

I first started Christiane's class to improve my flexibility and have since been a loyal participant for about four years. The class has not only improved my flexibility, it also improved my posture. I find her class very beneficial to start my day in a positive, energetic frame of mind.

Jan Hopkins

Mosman Park, WA

Christiane has a charismatic and pro-active approach in teaching her classes whilst showing a fine appreciation of mechanical, anatomical and physiological functionality of human movement.

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