Remedial Pilates

At Remedial Pilates we offer Pilates for corporate wellbeing programs, active after school care coaching, group and private classes as well as specialised classes for athletes, dancers, over 55s, events and retreats. 

​Christiane is the owner of Remedial Pilates and comes with a wealth of experience, knowledge and training. Her inspirations came from world class movement teachers and attending classes and workshops in all corners of the world, such as in Austria, Athens, Bali, Barcelona, Melbourne, Perth, Switzerland and most recently at the former original Josef Pilates Studio and The Breathing Project in New York.


Christiane's biggest teacher, however, will always be her own body. She developed a passion for Pilates and movement science after experiencing a severe disc injury in 2004.  With various movement therapies and daily Pilates Christiane  restored her health and this eventually led her to complete a professional Pilates teacher training in Spain.

Once qualified Christiane started teaching Pilates at a private sports academy were she worked as a Physical Trainer. Christiane also had the opportunity to instruct Pilates classes for many years at a physiotherapy clinic where she worked closely with expert physiotherapists. ​

When Christiane returned to Australia she completed her contemporary Pilates teaching methodology education. This further enhanced her understanding in applying new movement science in combination with the traditional Pilates teaching methodology.

At Remedial Pilates modifications and variations are applied  to a range of traditional Pilates exercises to allow these to be performed safely by almost everyone. Christiane's passion is to create health and wellbeing classes that leave you relaxed, rejuvenated, and feeling inspired.